red blue is an architectural and design company.

we design.

we are architects at heart and architecture is the core of what we do as we’ve been doing it for 24 years! however, we also design graphics, installations, exhibits, jewellery (via a little company called toc and blossom) and animations.

most importantly, at red blue we invest in design.

this blog is a collection of thoughts, ideas, notions, images, the occasional all important critical update from red blue that the world could not go without because it is so so so important, possibly the odd rant, maybe the occasional soapbox and any other thing that may by chance take my fancy.

do we have time for a blog, probably not. will i be able to keep feeding the hungry animal, probably not. am i going to try, yes i am!

oh, here is a disclaimer: all images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the internet (it’s a big place) and are assumed to be in the public domain (because they are). in the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the breach of copyright is unintentional and non-commercial and we can either remove the material if requested or give you credit for the material, if it’s yours. is that fair enough?

go and have a gander at our websites :

red blue   toc + blossom   twitter


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